Samsung mobile complaint

Complaint by
Parmjeet Singh

Dear Sir,

it is brought to your notice the harassment being faced by me from ur Samsung service(Imperial refrigeration). Although I am taking up my complaint with ur HO and Ludhiana Service Center but they are not co-operating and instead blaming ur office for these problems. Because I suffered from last one year. I submit my handset with the problem of “handset (Auto back) & Battery backup is very low, set hangs too much”.

I am giving my earlier complaint detail for ur ready reference as under: This is further to my earlier mail which is given here under. I am regularly contacting the service station and head office at Toll free Number getting no positive response. I rang him up more than 70 times. I have purchased Samsung Mobile ,Model No. GTs5830i on dated 26/09/2012 which was given to Samsung Authorized Service Center (Imperial refrigeration). Approx. more then 15 times in under warranty due to same problems handset (Auto back) & Battery backup is very low, set hangs too much. But I can’t face any camera issue due to DOP , I submitted my handset with in warranty.

Now when I collect my Handset from service center after that my set camera is not working and when I show this issue to service center manager Mr. Mani , he asked me our service center is closed now you will come tomorrow. after next day when I visit service center they change there statement & asked me now your set is out of warranty & service center engineer asked me “yes we changed your handset camera with defective, now you can go now anywhere your handset is out of warranty & repaired on chargeable basis”. Your Service Centro Manager Mr. Mani is incapable and inefficient because he is not listen my handset problems. this is being done only because my mobile was under warranty submitted.

I have committed a blunder by taking the Samsung mobile, fully knowing that we should not go for imported things because they are here to earn and not to serve. Due to this I am being harassed and my business is suffering and Who is responsible for this? Is there any policy of Samsung under which I could claim damages due to deficit in service?

Parmjeet Singh
(M) 0 9464424541 ([email protected])


Mantsane replied on

I am a very angry customer who has been using samsung forever, I currently use a galaxy s4. Everytime i recharge, my airtime is gone, within the past 24 hours i have have recharged for R300 and its all gone. The network is giving me an excuse of data usage, worst of all, i haven't used the internet or downloaded anything. I only use watsapp. This hasnt been a problem in the past, why now? and at this unacceptable rate? I am very angry because why should i have this phone if it is proving to be useless to me.

Ankita Arora replied on

My Galaxy S-Advance phone went out of order within 7 months from the date of purchase. Although, it was under warranty period..Service Center people refused to repair it. It was damaged due to some internal circuit damage.

Point to be noted: I did not broke the phone by making it fall onto the
floor/ or threw it into the water by mistake or deliberately.
But nobody took the ownership of getting it repaired.

I even registered the complaint on the customer care service. But it all went in vain.

It is a humble suggestion to Samsung people:
1. Dont be fool the customers in the name of warranty if u cant help it.
2.If there is a manufacturing or hardware defect in your product. Please accept it.
3. Please call back within 24 hrs if u say that. Customer keeps on waiting for your call back but no body reverts
4.Dont give the silly reasons such as sitting in Air Conditioner will damage the phone and so and so.

Anyways, nothing going to happen after saying all this. Rather than spending 5000 rs more on 15000 phone within 7 mnths, I'll get a new phone of some good company. It was just a suggestion. Dont be fake plz.