Cheated by fake SBI card verification department

Complaint by
Senthil raj
Tamil Nadu

I am senthil raj from chennai. My SBI creditcard number is 43774869461*****. Some persons cheated me in the name SBI VERIFICATION DEPARTMENT via phone from these 3 numbers 9650013037/9910190404/9818006962.

First one lady told me that i am calling from SBI VERIFICATION department. She told me that your SBI credit card updated as photo card and enhance your credit limit to 80000 (9650013037) at 12:35 pm. And she told me that her senior manager call me and given the details in 10 mins. After that one person called me from following number 9910190404 at 12:43 pm and told that he is senior manager of SBI VERIFICATION department and you have 8000 reward points in your sbi credit card that you have to redeem immediately by today. Because your redeem points expired on 12th february and you are good customer to bank so we provide the points use in purchase. I suspect and asked him how will i trust you. Then he told me that his name is S. KUMAR, Senior manager, Credit card verification department, Nungambakkam branch, Uthamar Gandhi street, Chennai. And he gave his employee id also 665500.

So I trust on him and give some details (card number, expiary date, CVV no.). I asked him to cash back the amount in sbi credit card, but he refused that you couldn't cash back because redeem points expired on february 12th and you can use only purchase with sbi linked shop. Then he told that shop person call in 10 mins from shop and give your shirt, pant and shoes size. After that shop person called me at 12:53 on 19th february and asked the shirt, pant and shoes size and sending address. Then again that person(senior manager) called me and told that now we can swipe your card and give your otp number. I told that the bank before sent the SMS that customer should not provided any information to anyone. He told that i am calling from SBI verification department. So provide with him only. I have given the otp information with double minded. They have swiped and transacted amount of 7793 rupees and and told that it will be adjusted in upcoming bills. He told me that you have any queries contact me any time. But in my mind something happening in wrong way. So i called immdiately to SBI callcenter. They told me that your transaction is made and we are not offering like this. Again i called and told him that i conformed with SBI callcenter they are provided any offer in SBI credit card. But he said that now only i am taking your request and it will not reflected immdiately. So call me by tomorrow will give you the reference number and purchase details.

Next day i called those numbers, all the numbers switched off and not reachable. It happened like cinema in half an hour. I never experienced this kind of problem with SBI card. Even i am using the SBI card as before long time.

Later i recognized and blocked the card through callcenter on 25th february 2015. Also they suggested me that you should fill and post the dispute form to concern department. I need to solve this problem and suggest me that i have contact any local office regarding this problem.


manish cc replied on

Fake calls, in name of SBI Card verification from 01165750489 is active. Please be aware and do not fall pray to it and do not provide any Card details to her/him.

Bssatheesh Kumar replied on

similar txn done in my sbi credit card on 05/09/2015 and lost rs. 7888/-. the telephone no. +919136712393 and the company is systems teleservices and debit entry shows in the sbi bill is salemall_epaykerala.

exactly observed that it was a cinema style and everything ended with half an hour. please try to caution all sbi card holders from such fraud callers.

Tara Prasad Mishra replied on

Today (02-01-2016) I received a call form +911165194138 and said that it's from SBI Credit Card Department regarding new credit card . They told me that this call is connecting to IVR so kindly enter your details. Another call(+911165470120) came form Manager regarding the conformation of new card as well as benefits and gift vouchers. I got the sms from VM-SBICARD and they made a transaction of Rs 7888.00 against Salemall_EpayKerala. When I got sms form BH-SBICRD about the conformation of transaction I doubt it is a fraudulent one then I immediately send a complaint to the SBI credit card division and told him that i haven't made any transaction today through my SBI credit card and revert the amount to my credit card.