Poor service by Samsung authorized service center

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Ramakanta sahoo

Dear sir
I have purchased a Samsung mobile having its model no:C3510 and its imei no:358650031771637 on dated:03-10-2010 from Roshni enterprises, Bengaluru.

A few days ago I have got a problem in functions of its touch screen, so went to an authorized service centre of Samsung to claim for repair against warranty. I have handed over the cell to the said service centre staff on: 21-06-2011 by 10.34 am. I was told to get back my cell within 48 hours but I am sorry to say that till date 27-06-2011 by 1.30pm I have not got my cell from the said service centre of Samsung, apart from it whenever I have tried to contact them, asking about my cell,they are neither cooperating me nor can able to say, about surety to give back my cell with rectifying the problem.

Sir, the said service center has committed to give me my Samsung C3510 after necessary repairs with in 48 hours, but after almost 7 days passed & have not got my cell. I have tried to talk with concerned authority of that service centre, but sorry to say either they disconnect the phone or talk with me in a harsh voice.

I am requesting to your goodself considering it as a priority one & rights of a consumer do kindly initiate necessary disciplinary action against the said service center,so that I can get back my cell with repair & the rights of a consumer can be saved. Requesting your prompt action soonest possible.

with thanks & best regards
Ramakanta sahoo


shivaji replied on

Hello Sir/Madam,

This is Shivaji Lohar, I have bought new mobile phone (Mobile model - Galaxy Samsung Core, bill number: (UAP):2045526 TIN/CST no:-28026280297 IMEI Number: 359710050247197) Hyderabad(Gachibowli) showroom ( 2nd Avenue ) on 12/JAN/2014 around 1 PM.

The very next day from the date of purchase I noticed that there is a NETWORK ISSUE with mobile. I tried using different SIM cards, but every time I was disappointed as none of the SIM was working in the Phone. The same SIM is working properly in other Cell Phones.
The Error message is like:- “MOBILE NETWORK NOT REGISTERED”. Due to which I cannot use any of the SIM services provided such as Making & Receiving Calls, SMS Facilities etc.
If this is the case then what is the Purpose of Purchasing the New Phone…? By spending amount Rs 13350/- if the Phone is not serving the purpose for what it is meant for, then for what purpose it should serve…?

I am getting same issue like whenever I try to call, am getting an error message as “MOBILE NETWORK NOT REGISTERED”. Due to the Issue of the Network I cannot use the Phone. If this is the case than what is the Use of Purchasing the New Phone…?
I bought the phone on 12/Jan/2014. From the very same day there was the above mentioned Issue, so I visited the store on the very next day. They said CRO is not available for the day please come by tomorrow. Next day I again visited the Store and again the same story as “CRO is not available for the day please come by tomorrow.” After following up for 2 days they did not responded to me properly and I was totally frustrated by their idiotic answers given to me.
After regaining some courage, I visited the univercell showroom for the 3rd consequent day and the answer was as “choose the network manually and use the phone.” After following their advice the Network worked for about half an hour and again the Network has lost. I thought that there would be some Network Issue with the Service Provider so I again waited for a day.
On the 4th day, after manual selection of the network, issue was not resolved so showroom executive provided me the 2nd solution as “There may be SIM card issue please changes the same to new one and use.”

I even tried using the solution provided by them but the Issue was still at its heights and now it was very high time for me as this was getting onto my Nerves. So again there was no solution left for me but to visit the Showroom once again. So now they came up with a new reason as “You need to submit your Cell Phone to the Service Center.” I had no option but to leave my phone at the Showroom.

They took around 4-5 days to get my phone back from the Service Center. Kindly note that still the Issue was not resolved. Totally I have submitted my Cell Phone to Service Center for 3 Times for which the details are as follows:-

1) Registered Crime number:-4167480051(Samsung Service Center)- Software Updated- Issue not resolved
2) Service Request Number:-12805[(UniverCell) Not registered in Service Center]Just cleaned the Wireless Antenna -Issue not resolved
3) Bill No:-4168358925(Samsung Service Center) Changed SIM Slot- Issue not resolved.

Email Conversations as follows:-
Dear Mr. Lohar,

Greetings from Samsung!
This is in regards to your E- Mail regarding the refund of your phone.
Please note Samsung always strive to give the best experience to our valued customer in terms of our product and service. Our product confirms to the highest standards of quality and hence comes with 12 months warranty for repair. Even though we continuously improve our manufacturing process and quality standards, however there can be an incident where the product may require service.

This is in accordance with the prevalent market norms that if a product can be repaired and its defect be removed then priority should always be given to carrying out of repairs.
We would like to confirm you that post repair, quality and value of your handset will remain intact and it won’t have any adverse effect on its performance. We are confident that post above repair you can use your product with complete peace of mind.
We would like to inform you that your set has been repaired and working fine at the service center. We request you kindly get the same collected from the service center.
In conclusion, based on our discussion we will not be able to cater your request for exchange or refund of the above said product.

You may treat this as our final offer. We request you to let us know your decision within the next 7days.

We value your relationship with Samsung and assure you of our best services, always.

Abhishek Kapoor
Manager - Customer Experience

Hi Sir,
I totally frustrated and mentaly disturb because last month 12/01/14 I purchased mobile but still i am not using my cell phone totally 20 days mobile in Service center .send 3 time to service center still issue as is there .now also cell phone in service center only bill no-4168358925.
For that mobile lot of time they done service then i am not feel like, it is new one so i am going to complaint against samsung service center i have much proof.I want to inform because like if any replacement is possible then give me else i will take further step or action what I decide that''s the final.

Shivaji Lohar

Counselor answer
Dear Mr. Lohar

Good Afternoon!

This is Kapil from Customer Experience

We received your email and noted down your concern.

We feel sorry for the inconvenience caused to you.

As per telephonic conversation with you regarding the problem of your Samsung product, we would like to inform you that we are forwarding your issue to the concern department with all the details.

So kindly give us some time to work on it and concerned department will get back to you as soon as possible.

Your complaint no. is 8461892910

We appreciate your support and patience and assure you of our best services always.

Warm Regard’s

Kapil Chauhan
Senior Executive - Customer Experience
Samsung India Pvt. Ltd.

Dear Mr. Lohar,
Good Evening!!

This is Nirupama Singh, Customer Experience.

Firstly we apologies for the inconvenience caused to you.

With reference to your below mail and the telephonic conversation with you regarding the issues with the handset, as you have mentioned that again you have submitted your handset to the dealer to forward it to the service centre, we request you to kindly send us the scan copy of job sheet provided or the 10 digits claim number so that we could co-ordinate with the service centre and resolve your issue.

We here by seek for your kind support and patience.

Thanking and assuring you for best services always.

Nirupama Singh
Senior Executive - Customer Experience
Samsung India Electronics Pvt. Ltd
Kindly help me to resolve the Issue as mentioned above.
Shivaji Lohar—
Contact number--9581775514 8125660054

Ayaj replied on

I purchased new battery for S7562 which is under warrenty till june 2014 i complaind at Madgao Goa (India) service center about its poor back up but they are not resolving the problem n every tym advice to go for formating. Plz help me

Mayank Jain replied on

I am from panchkula Haryana as I had been visited to the Samsung mobile care centre in sector 14 panchkula for checkup my Samsung galaxy s3 cell phone, I got problem of flickering and hang in my handset. As I had shown my cell phone to there executive they just simply answer me that no service is available here because no spare availability in our centre. I ask him that how nany days this will take he simply answer me that this will take long time i.e 6 months and take ur phone to chandigarh service centre as I feel really disappointed by the service provided by them.

Harsh Morbia replied on

I gave my Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 for some problem faced for service at the below mentioned service center on 11th October, 2014. 0003438996 MISHREE COMMUNICATION, Devnandan Mall, Ahmedabad

The executive told me that I will be getting it back after 2-3 days, and then they took entire week for that and returned it on 18th October. At service center, while handling the piece for service, the SILVER CHROME ON THE PERIPHERAL FACE OF THE MOBILE is damaged by their engineers. But now they are denying that it is not possible, it can not happen at the service center, and they are not ready to rectify that. So ultimately I am left with my unnecessarily damaged mobile piece. At the end, I am very much dissatisfied by this kind of behavior and response of their executives and with my damaged mobile.

Tamer Halawani replied on

I have problems with the customer service team - LEVANT, since 2012
please advise with who's person i should contact in order to solve this problem



d.shyamala replied on

i have submitted my tablet on 28.01.15 for repair battery low but they damaged my tablet completely return 16/02/15 it is worse than previous position and they state that it is old (2 years 3 months why should they take for service.

Santhosh replied on

Sir in thiruvanamalai Samsung care is very worst, all peoples in thiruvanamai all are complain to the worst service in samsung care

Aman replied on

I buy a Samsung galaxy A7 on 3rd sep. And aftr 4-5 days it gave problm 1st is while using the ph is over heating nd the volume key sticky inside from both side...nd after few days there is software problem ph unexpectedly switch off nd on with SAFE MODE which is cant be disable....bcze i tried to try my ph more than 100 times but still on SAFE MODE....... DISASTER EXPERIENCE BY SAMSUNG LUXURY HAND SET...... WASTE OF MONEY and thats not done bcez when i went to Samsung service center they said There is approx 9000rs repair cost aftr that ur ph will work properly .......i was shock that I hav purchased 26000rs ph with in 4 days m facing problem nd now 9000rs repairing cost ....really 

1st time I buy Samsung phone and facing problem and only problems. Is this a brand ?

Aman replied on

I have purchased samsung galaxy a7 on 3rd sep.. from the 3rd day of purchase I facing problem with the phone....

1st over heating while using,
2nd volume key stuck inside from both side,
3rd software phone unexpectedly switch off and on with safe mode which i can't disable.

I complaint in samsung service, They open headset and said there is liquidation problem. It was shocking for me and than said there is 9000rs repair cost. New need repairing.... Samsung service center solves problems only for the company not for customers...Would never recommend Samsung.