Yureka bad phone worst customer support

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New delhii

I have ben victimized by YU televentures.
I had ordered their Yureka phone from Amazon on 12th Feb 2015, it got delivered on 15th Feb. I checked the phone and on 17th I realized the phone's proximity sensor is not working.

I called up the customer service and reported this issue, ticket no. given as TT13243. I was asked to wait for few days as there was a software update being released and they said it would resolved this issue. I waited and kept calling and would get the same answer for a month.

After 1 month of chasing, I was told that they will replace the handset with a new one. I got a new handset delivered on 19th March 2015, on checking the same day I came to know that phone's microphone is not working.

The phone is absolutely useless as no call can be made. I contacted YU support team on 20th March and raised a complaint, ticket no. YU41316. again I was told to wait till 31 March and again the same reason was given that new update will resolve this issue.

I called them again on 2nd april and have called them repeated times they just keep on logging multiple tickets(YU60491,YU47657, YU47656, YU47420) they keep promising that a senior will call back from their office and get the issue resolved but nothing is happening.

Inspite of paying Rs.9000, I am not able to use the phone for 2 months. This is blatant cheating, failure to serve the customer, worst form of malpractice and gross violation of consumer rights.


Jitin replied on


I dropped my phone from barely a height of 2-feet & the so called gorilla glass got smashed. As it was a physical damage case & with no other option left, I agreed to pay them Rs.3000 to the co. for swapping my phone with a refurnished one. They picked my phone on the 24th of Sep & till today I haven't got my device back.

The Support Executives keeps telling me to wait for a little while & that they are sorry for inconvenience caused. earlier they told that the whole swapping process takes around 7-10 working Day.... but in my case more than 25-day has already passed away & still I don't have any idea when will I get my device back.

guys its a cheep quality device more over their support service is even worse......."DON'T FALL FOR IT"

Yureka your company , your devices , your support services all Sucks......